Freelance Submission Page    


Arctic Circle Enterprises LLC Welcomes the submission of art from freelance artists. We frequently purchase new artwork and communicate regularly with our Freelancers to advise them of specific design topic ideas and deadlines for upcoming Design Reviews. We are currently reviewing art for the 2015 line.

Selected Freelance designs are purchased outright for a fee. In addition to the buyout, the selected artwork is eligible for additional products based on the design's success. Since there is no set limit to the number of designs we may choose to purchase from any one artist, you are welcome to submit art as often as you'd like!

Subject matter for artwork should reflect the Alaska and outdoor market, including wildlife, scenery and graphics. Application will initially be for screenprinted T-shirts, so please submit your art with that in mind. Categories include Men's and Young Men's, Ladies and Juniors and Children and Infants.

Please submit artwork in standard letter size at no more than 200 resolution for jpgs or Adobe Illustrator vector or PDF. Please include your email address in the contact information.